Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) App compatible with andOTP file format
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gootp is a terminal-based 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) app.


  • Supported algorithms: TOTP
  • Compatible with andOTP backup file format
  • Encrypt/decrypt andOTP backup files on your PC



  1. Go 1.19+
  2. Backup file
go install
cp /path/to/andotp/file ~/.otp_accounts.json # !IMPORTANT! this backup file must be encrypted


gootp # start gootp
gootp -h # show a list of commands
gootp -p /path/to/andotp/file/.otp_accounts.json # override the default path
gootp --password xxx # specify an encryption password via flag
gootp -p /path/to/andotp/file/.otp_accounts.json encrypt -o /output/.otp_accounts.json.aes # encrypt a file
gootp -p /path/to/andotp/file/.otp_accounts.json.aes decrypt -o /output/.otp_accounts.json # decrypt a file


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Dawid Wysokiński -